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How It Works

LifeREstyle provides individualized, structured programs that empower people to make foundational shifts in habit and mindset, opening the way for new levels of well-being and fulfillment. We cater to those who are seeking not just rejuvenation but a significant positive shift in their experience of life.

We specialize in addressing depression and other mental health challenges with our unique and comprehensive holistic and lifestyle solution, while also offering a number of transformational programs for those who are dealing with stress or imbalances and are seeking greater empowerment and well-being in their lives.

The LifeREstyle Program is a proven solution developed by stress expert Paul Huljich as he cured himself of bipolar disorder (BP-I). It has unlocked healing and empowerment for people with health-related conditions as diverse as addictions, anxiety, chronic stress, depression, weight issues, sleeping disorders, and bipolar disorder.

The LifeREstyle Program is based on a foundation of 3 transformative tools, 4 practical tools, and 2 ongoing assessment tools that together create the conditions for making life-changing strides toward optimal wellness.

The LifeREstyle Difference:

LifeREstyle provides a number of different lifestyle and skills-based retreats. While some of our retreats are tailored to the needs of those seeking a higher level of well-being or empowerment, others are designed for those undergoing life transitions or experiencing elevated levels of stress, and still others are intended to facilitate significant shifts for those experiencing depression and other mental health challenges, all of our retreats share some core elements. Some of the core features of the LifeREstyle program include:

Optimal Nutrition

  • Nutrition is one of the central pillars of the LifeREstyle program. We give the utmost attention to curating our organic diet and providing the highest quality foods in accordance with the LifeREstyle program, including an abundance of organic, fresh produce and only free-range, wild-caught, and/or organic animal products
  • Purified and alkaline drinking water always available for guests
  • Daily, slow-press, organic, fresh vegetable juicing
  • Fresh, organic, and gourmet homestyle breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked while you wait and provided daily. Dietary restrictions and preferences accommodated.

Optimal Daily Routine

  • Daily exercise and stretching on the beach
  • Sleep cycles that support optimal healing and restoration
  • Yoga and meditation instruction
  • Daily enrichment activities

Enhanced Wellness Support

  • Guests learn new routines, techniques, skills, and habits that they take with them into their life beyond LifeREstyle
  • Individual personal development and health coaching included in programming
  • Daily workshops facilitated by a combination of LifeREstyle staff and specialized independent practitioners

With programs striking a balance between spaciousness and dynamic workshops, guests can be assured that they will leave their program feeling both rejuvenated and empowered. The program’s tools enable guests to make fundamental shifts in their lifestyle and mindset while also addressing neurochemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies. Rather than masking the problem or focusing only on symptoms, LifeREstyle offers comprehensive, evidence-based tools that truly work. We provide the optimal environment to support guests’ healing, recovery, and growth.

Who is LifeREstyle for?

Mental Health

The tendency in today’s healthcare system is to respond to mental health challenges by attempting to manage symptoms in the hope that individuals will eventually be able to return to their lives with some functionality. LifeREstyle is different. Our focus is on healing and on empowering guests to transform their health and their lives. We provide the optimal environment for guests to begin to thrive in ways they’ve never experienced before.

LifeREstyle Mental Wellness programs are specifically designed to support those who are experiencing any of the following situations:

Lifestyle & Stress

LifeREstyle Stress & Lifestyle programs are specifically designed to support those who are experiencing any of the following situations:

  • People who realize they want to make a significant leap forward in their physical and psychological well-being
  • Those going through major life changes who want to clean out or take charge of their health, their well-being, and the direction of their lives
  • People who are seeking greater empowerment in their lives
  • Those dealing with weight management issues who understand the need for addressing their lifestyle habits, stress, psychological well-being, and physiological well-being
  • People experiencing adrenal fatigue, burnout, or overwhelming stress

If you have any questions about your specific situation or health concerns and your fit for the program, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re Organic

The utmost attention is given to providing the highest quality foods in accordance with the LifeREstyle program: an abundance of fresh produce; non-gmo whole foods; free-range, wild-caught, and/or organic animal products.

We also give special consideration to people with cultural and specific dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, and gluten free.

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