Michael after Liferestyle program

Michael Dawson

LifeREstyle Graduate

It’s said that through our lifetime, certain people and events will change the course of our lives. LifeREstyle has been that change for me.

The tools and habits I’ve developed here will undoubtedly be used way into my senior years and I’m so thankful I was able to implement them so early on in my life.

Since 2011 I’ve been suffering from Bipolar Disorder 1 and Schizoaffective Disorder along with a nutritional deficiency and self-sabotaging negative thought patterns. I’d been committed to various psychiatric hospitals in multiple states across the country many, many times, and had multiple run-ins with the police as a result of my mind conditions. I was put on over 1000 milligrams of medications that made me gain weight, dull my personality, and experience intense negative side effects. I was depressed, I was anxious, and I couldn’t always function properly at my job. I was sick of flipping out, going manic, spending all my money, having the cops called on me, and being locked away in psych wards while being pumped full of different medications. It was a sad, never ending cycle that I saw no escape from.

Enter LifeREstyle.
My amazing, supportive and integrative doctor, Dr. Hyla Cass MD recommended a place for me to go and live, which would help me reshape, remold and rebuild my life. Over the course of 90 days, with the supervision and direction of my doctor, I was able to slowly titrate down the medication, until I was completely off of any kind of medication. It was an experience I will never forget. I had become a new man. I’ve never felt so light and free in my life until I completed the program with the utmost determination to conquer my condition.

When I arrived at what would be my new home, from the very start we did morning exercise on the beach, which was so transformative to me. Being from Texas I had never experienced the beach like this. It was probably one of the most spiritual things I’ve ever done in my life. The team at LifeREstyle is out of this world. I felt, loved, respected, cared for, and most importantly inspired. I had so many worries and anxieties on what was the going to be my next step in life, and how I was going to live dis-ease free before entering the program.
Being an aspiring writer, I never was able to get my thoughts together, until I was shown methods to initiating productivity for passion projects. The tools and people I’ve met in LifeREstyle will always be a part of me and I am forever grateful for having to been able to experience true health and healing. Being here has been the most humbling and transformative experience of my life, mentally, physically and spiritually. I’ve lost over 42 pounds, found a new positive direction in life, and have an astounding peace of mind and contentment.

I strongly suggest that anyone who is tired of being caught in a negative cycle of life to please check out LifeREstyle. It changed my life, I’m positive it would change yours.


T. R.

LifeREstyle Participant

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was 23 and have been struggling with mania and depression for 13 years. I have been searching for a way to fight back and stay stable that is not only safe and effective but also natural.

I met Paul Huljich in 2015, and he personally coached me through the LifeREstyle Program – it is now an integral part of my life. I am stronger, clearer, and more stable than I have ever been and my friends, family, and even my doctor have noticed a positive change in my attitude and behavior.

The LifeREstyle Program has given me the tools to take back control of my own life. It has even inspired me to go back to school so I can learn more about health, so that I can pass on what I have learned and help others to fight back and become the best version of themselves.



LifeREstyle Participant

Before being introduced to the LifeREstyle program, my mind and body
were in chaotic flux. It’d been that way for years and I didn’t even
recognize it. How I felt seemed to be dictated more or less by random
chance. On some level I knew that what we eat, when we sleep and how
we exercise affects the way we feel. I’d heard it a hundred times, and
had even taken health classes which touched on some of the evidence, but I’d never internalized these critically important lessons until I
did the LifeREstyle program. I believe that most people do know what
is unhealthy, we just struggle to take action and formulate reasons to
doubt the veracity of what we know deep down to be true.

At LifeREstyle, this inner knowledge became reality for me.
In a very short time, my mood and energy-levels stabilized. It was eye
opening: I had no idea just how chaotic things were until I was
removed from them. And then I saw the truth. Late nights in front of
computer screens, sugar highs, caffeine, drugs and technology were
shaping my life in ways which were subtle yet extreme. Without these
influences, I discovered a calm mental state I didn’t even know was
possible. I learned that, in the face of the chaos of modern life, simple steps can be taken to counter stress and lead to a grounded and more fulfilling life.

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LifeREstyle Participant

After living in several sober livings in the past few years, LifeReStyle came as a complete breath of fresh air, with the emphasis on fresh. As in fresh meals daily, a fresh attitude towards the residents and a fresh approach to overcoming our addictions. LifeReStyle allowed me to treat all of me, not just focusing on physical sobriety. I learned how nutrition, sleep, exercise, and attitude had a direct affect on my alcoholism, and I was shown a way of living that provided almost immediate results.

Rather than doing chores and writing assignments all day long you can expect to take long walks on the beach, go to movies, play sports, and otherwise learn to enjoy life again. The staff is receptive rather than controlling and although there is a certain amount of structure to the program, the people who work there are always willing to take individual issues into consideration and make allowances where appropriate. I can’t say enough about this program, it worked wonders for me!