Stress and Lifestyle

The unprecedented persistence and degree of stress involved in modern life takes a toll on all of us, eventually manifesting as challenges to our mental or physical health. The World Health Organization estimates that “lifestyle diseases” were responsible for 61 per cent of all deaths in 2005, with an expectation for that figure to increase to 70 per cent by 2030. The good news about the burden of stress and lifestyle diseases is this: You have choice.

This is one area in life where you have the opportunity to reclaim your wellbeing and your life. That’s why we offer a special LifeREstyle track that is focused on freeing yourself from the grip of stress and poor lifestyle habits so that you can enjoy a full and empowered life in a way you never have before. Based on the understanding that habits take a minimum of 21 days of new programming to dissolve and replace with new patterns, LifeREstyle Redondo Beach offers the 30-day Lifestyle Challenge, a residential program in which guests can participate while still staying connected to their social and work lives in the Los Angeles area or remotely. Guests fully participate in all Nine Natural Steps, as outlined in Stress Pandemic, and have full access to the many benefits of the LifeREstyle Program. This means that you’ll receive the transformative impact that the program unlocks without having to significantly interrupt your life.

For many, this kind of change is infeasible at a regular retreat, given the 30-day time commitment required to truly establish new, healthy patterns. Instead, people opt for weekend or weeklong getaways, only to return to the same stressful patterns and unhealthy lifestyle a few days later. The aim of the 30-day Lifestyle Challenge is to provide a residential retreat that enables people to fully transform their habits, take some time for themselves, and establish new patterns with clarity of intention and direction without necessitating a full withdrawal from everyday life. This makes such a commitment both more viable and more likely to yield long-term results, because the new patterns have been established while the individual still has some contact with his or her everyday life.

Who is this program for?

  • People who realize they want to make a significant leap forward in their physical and psychological wellbeing
  • People going through major changes in their life who want to clean out or take charge of their health, wellbeing, and the direction of their lives
  • People who are seeking greater empowerment in their lives
  • People dealing with weight management issues who understand the need to address their lifestyle habits, stress, psychological wellbeing, and physiological wellbeing

Please note that, if you are dealing with any of the conditions listed elsewhere in the program section, such as depression, bipolar disorder, addictions, or other conditions, we encourage you to look at the programs linked to those pages instead of the 30-day program. This is because the 30-day program is not designed for people dealing with these conditions, who are better served by the more comprehensive programs specifically designed for those recovering from mental health challenges.

Working with LifeREstyle

When choosing LifeREstyle as your path to wellness, know that you are choosing the most effective program for lasting changes in your wellbeing, stress levels, and lifestyle.

Visit the LifeREstyle Program page for further information about our program.