Drug Addiction

Drug addiction or drug use disorder manifests as a physiological and psychological compulsion to continue using a substance, even when its effects are harmful. Recreational drug use can often lead to drug addiction or abuse. Without treatment, sufferers can end up on a self-destructive path emotionally, physically, psychologically, and socially.

Recovery at LifeREstyle starts with understanding both the type of substance abuse and the cause behind it. We approach addiction from a dual-diagnosis perspective in order to better understand the full picture of what may be underlying addictive behavior, such as any depressive tendencies or anxiety, a perspective that is often essential to recovery but largely ignored in many sober living settings.

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse vary depending on the person and the drugs they are using. Some common signs include cravings, increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, financial strife, poor judgement, neglecting responsibilities, unhealthy relationships, and isolation.

Helping a friend or loved one who you believe has a drug problem can be tough, as they may not want to see that there is an issue and be reluctant to seek help. Furthermore, drug rehab centres can be an easy deterrent for addiction sufferers due to lack of support or the financial commitment, so support from friends and family can be critical in enabling someone dealing with addiction to reclaim their life.

The LifeREstyle Program supports people with addictions as they work through their individualized program by working with each resident both physiologically and psychologically. As part of integration into a thriving new chapter of life, we include activities such as personalized exercise programs, healthy cooking classes, career building, budgeting and money management, and creating healthy lifestyle habits. The attention given to optimal nutrition, exercise, sleep, life skills/career development, and awareness—to name a few elements of the program—help substance abuse sufferers get back to living a healthy and happy life.

Break the cycle of addiction and rebuild your life with LifeREstyle.

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