For many of us, an alcoholic drink is a part of socializing and relaxing. People with alcohol use disorder—otherwise known as alcohol addiction or alcoholism—drink to excess, endangering themselves and those around them. Alcohol abuse is a longstanding problem in the US, with millions of men and women diagnosed with disorders. The truth is that only a fraction of those who need help for their alcoholism seek or get it.

Alcohol addiction recovery at LifeREstyle starts with understanding both the type of alcoholism and the cause behind it. We approach addiction from a dual-diagnosis perspective in order to better understand the full picture of what may be underlying addictive behavior, such as any depressive tendencies or anxiety, a perspective that is often essential to recovery but largely ignored in many sober living settings.

Signs of alcoholism include missing work or appointments, finding yourself unable to limit your alcohol consumption, desiring to cut down on your drinking or trying to do so unsuccessfully, feeling a strong urge to drink, continuing to drink even when you realize it is harming you socially or physically, giving up or scaling back social, work, or leisure activities, the experience of withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink, and using alcohol in unsafe situations, such as when driving.

Many people appear to be “functioning alcoholics,” where they appear to make it through everyday tasks, even though they drink a considerable amount daily or weekly. Heavy drinking is considered more than 4 drinks a day or 14 a week for men, and 3 drinks a day or 7 a week for women. This can quickly become at-risk drinking and alcohol dependency, which require professional help as soon as possible to return to a healthy way of living.

The LifeREstyle Program supports people dealing with alcohol use disorder as they work through their individualized program, by working with each resident both physiologically and psychologically. The attention given to optimal nutrition, exercise, sleep, life skills/career development, and awareness—to name a few elements of the program—help alcohol abuse sufferers get back to living a healthy and happy life.

Break the cycle of addiction and rebuild your life with LifeREstyle.

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