Simon Spire

A core member of the LifeREstyle team, Simon’s focus is on the evolution of the LifeREstyle philosophy and movement, continually developing the program and curriculum, and working directly with guests to support their growth. His involvement with Mwella began during the development of Stress Pandemic.

Simon’s life has been inspired by two interrelated, core questions: what is the nature of full human development and flourishing, and how can we create more life-supporting economic dynamics in our world? This quest has led him to his bachelor’s degree in economics and finance at the University of Auckland, New Zealand; his career as an award-winning songwriter and recording artist; his master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University; and his work directing international social entrepreneurship and leadership development programs in the non-profit world.

Simon has developed and facilitated self-awareness programming for young adults aged 18 to 28 in an ecologically oriented residential education program, and with over 15 years of practice in various meditative traditions, he has led contemplative and self-inquiry work in both individual and group settings. Simon is currently completing additional trainings with the International Focusing Institute and the Animas Valley Institute, and also serves as a co-director of the non-profit Post Growth Institute.

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