Richard Huljich

Richard Huljich

Richard has been a key team member of Mwella—the parent company of LifeREstyle, Stress Pandemic, and Mwella Publishing—since its inception in 2009. In addition to overseeing Mwella’s divisions and managing its day-to-day operations, Richard has been responsible for developing the LifeREstyle workshop and seminar models. He plays a central role in supporting staff and ensuring that LifeREstyle meets the exceptional standards that are the foundation of its program while always seeking opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Richard comes from a background of personal training, coaching, and human resources. For five years, he worked as a top personal trainer at one of New Zealand’s largest gym establishments. During his time as a trainer, he helped many of his clients find great success not only in the improvement they achieved in their physical health, but also as a result of his work coaching them through the psychological challenges involved in beating bad habits, overcoming addictions, and making significant progress in other domains of well-being.

Prior to Richard’s career in personal training, he worked with a leading business and education training company that specialized in real estate, customer service, and management training in Sydney, Australia.

Richard brings diverse skills and experience to the LifeREstyle team, where he continues to forge ahead in passionately serving Mwella’s vision of helping people achieve their desired level of wellness.

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