Paul Huljich

Paul Huljich

Stress Pandemic by Paul Huljich

Paul’s Work with Stress

Originally from New Zealand, Paul Huljich is a stress expert, LifeREstyle coach, and author. His book Stress Pandemic forms the basis of the LifeREstyle Program, was named by Psychology Today as one of the most talked about books of the season, and has won several prizes in the health and self-help categories of various book awards. He is the founder of LifeREstyle and a key member of the wellness team at LifeREstyle supporting people in healing, reclaiming their power, and living a full life.

What inspired Paul to write Stress Pandemic?

Paul Huljich co-founded Best Corporation, a pioneering organic foods company of which he was Chairman and Joint-CEO. In leading the company to great success—during which its value grew to more than $100 million as a publicly listed company on the stock exchange—he eventually developed a number of severe stress-related conditions, including severe depression and anxiety. Ultimately, he was diagnosed by several psychiatrists in 1998 as suffering from bipolar disorder as a result of years of unchecked stress. That year, he experienced a full nervous breakdown, losing his rights as a citizen and being made a ward of the state.

Despite seeking the very best care available, Huljich was informed that there was no cure and that he would inevitably relapse. Determined to free himself of his conditions, he began a comprehensive search for answers. He traveled to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and subsequently admitted himself to the Menninger Clinic in Kansas.

Aided by exhaustive research, Huljich ultimately succeeded in fortifying himself and mastering his stress, overcoming his conditions and achieving a healthy, positive way of life by developing and implementing his nine-step overall wellness plan.

Since the year 2000, Huljich has not taken any medication related to mental health conditions, suffered any relapse, nor needed any treatment regarding any kind of mental illness.

With years of experience coaching those dealing with stress, health, and mental health issues, Huljich frequently speaks at wellness conferences, universities, and events hosted by the National Alliance of Mental Illness and has made over 1,000 radio and television appearances speaking about stress, mental health, and lifestyle.

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