Ken Foxman Ph.D.

Educated and trained as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ken has worked in the mental wellness field for over 30 years as both a clinician and as an administrator. Integrating his 25 years of experience as a personal trainer with his education and professional experience, he recognizes and appreciates the importance of activity and the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit.

Ken helps people meet their needs and achieve their goals by partnering with individuals to remove obstacles and identify resources. Using a synthesized approach that he calls Cross-Coaching, Ken provides coaching to help clients separate what has happened in their past from who they are and motivate them toward what they are capable of achieving and experiencing in the future.

The combination of his expertise as a clinical psychologist, his experience as a personal trainer for over 25 years, and his accumulated life experience drives Ken’s comprehensive Cross-Coaching approach that will help people shift to feelings of hopefulness and optimism. Ken specializes in working with people who feel stuck in negative cycles or patterns and those who have tried traditional medical or therapeutic modalities and need a coach to work with them and help them follow through on the recommendations from the rest of their team or family members. Although one or two areas may be focused on initially, transforming other areas of life will happen synergistically. Ken’s is a holistic approach that facilitates growth and change across multiple domains.

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