Chelsea Kmiec

Chelsea Kmiec

Chelsea Kmiec is an expert Nutrition and Fitness Coach with a private practice in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a Master Presenter and Educator of the Fitness and Wellness Industry, training other wellness professionals around the world.

With her signature coaching platform “Stepping A.H.E.A.D ©”, she has guided hundreds of clients through struggles such as excess weight, energy loss, immune deficiency, digestion problems, muscle and joint pain, and lack of focus, to name a few. Her coaching takes clients on a journey of discovering hidden challenges that are holding them back from reaching their true potential and fostering positive changes in mindset, attitude, hormones, physiology, and of course nutrition and exercise. The end result is a total life solution with lasting changes that sees clients living a more fulfilled life in a body they love.

As a key member of the team, Chelsea brings her same passion and coaching talents to the LifeREstyle program. Together with the foundations of the LifeREstyle program, she helps to empower others in finding new levels of well-being through mindful attention and other natural methods for stress reduction.

Having suffered from an anxiety disorder at an early age, and holding a degree in Psychology, Chelsea sought natural alternatives for healing and stress reduction to overcome and manage this mind condition without medication. Her personal and professional experience makes her coaching an invaluable addition to the program.

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