How to Stop Negative Thought Patterns with Affirmations

Over many years, we become accustomed to the mental story we tell ourselves in our daily lives. It’s that internal dialogue dictating our thoughts, feelings, emotions and moods. We listen to what others say to us; comments that shape us over the years. The words we tell ourselves and comments we allow from others can be good or bad. Often when our world seems to be in trouble we tend to become pessimistic. By doing this, we develop negative thought patterns.

Affirmations are both a practical and a scientific way to direct you into more positive thinking about yourself and have healthy, happy and constructive thoughts. Before starting the LifeREstyle Program I was suffering from anxiety, especially in social situations. I had become accustomed to the cycle of negative thought patterns that I would tell myself, like that I wasn’t good enough or worthy. As I was introduced to affirmations, I began to think of them as helping my body from the top of my highest hair to the soles of my feet. This would break through the decades of built up negative thinking.

Affirmations are a way to affect the mind, body and spirit. While recently released from the hospital my mind was in a terrible state of confusion, isolation and flat out boredom. I had lost my direction and didn’t know where to turn. I started to write out affirmations for the three areas I wanted to heal in. I’d start internally saying, “I AM”. The phrase ‘I Am’ dates back to biblical times and can be quoted when God says “I AM that I Am”- Exodus 3:14. When we talk to our spirit being, we are awakening it, empowering it and filling it with more positive things about ourselves, opening us up to our true nature. When we say, “I AM” we are talking to ourselves and no one else, sending brain signals that implement deep, powerful change to our mind, body and spirit.

First thing when I wake up, I lie in bed and speak my chosen positive words to myself, over and over. I repeat the process in evenings as I relax and fall asleep, taking the positive thoughts with me.

While doing this, I felt more empowered and continued confidently in saying them over and over, reinforcing them to myself. I was shocked to find that the power of positive thought began to combat my years of negative thought. Once I felt bad thoughts leave my body, I was able to replace them with more positive and empowering words about myself. I did this every morning and night, like completing personal hygiene – except for my mind.

Before I go to bed I begin to do a full physical body assessment of positive affirmations. Once I complete that, I do a more mental and spiritual routine.

In mornings and at night with my eyes closed and hands between my rib cage navel I lay down on my back on my bed. Thinking on topics from the top of my head, I say quietly out loud to hear myself: I am Here, I am Present, I am in the Now. This is a good way for me to stay in the moment rather than giving into anxiety or fantasizing about the future without feeling content on who I am and where I’m going.

Suggested Affirmations:

I AM here in the present

I AM open to love

I AM living a life of abundance and health

I AM open to receive

I AM open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me


I strongly suggest that you begin with empowering affirmations on areas in your life that you may feel insecure about, whether physical or emotional. You’ll find over time that negative thought patterns start to dissipate leaving you feeling free, happier and stronger than ever.

We have control over the words we tell ourselves over and over so positivity and empowerment can seep into our subconscious. If there are any problematic areas that you want changed or even may not even be aware of, affirmations are the first place to go to really implement daily change in your life. I wish you the best on your journey into your subconscious to a more stress free and empowering life – just keep speaking positively and moving forward.


Michael Dawson

LifeREstyle Graduate

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