Don’t Give Up

Hope and commitment are your constant allies in your journey to wellness.

In my previous post, I discussed the central role played by awareness in your progression toward a place of well-being. In this post, I want to leave you with the simple message of not giving up, of continuing in your journey as you progress toward wellness.

While the development of awareness is a fundamental component of true progress, the forces of hope and commitment are the fuel for your journey, and as such, they are indispensable. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum—from wishing to leave behind everyday stress, to wanting to recover from a serious mind condition—you have the power to move forward in your life. You can fortify yourself against stress and empower yourself to move to a new level in your life, one of awareness and contentment. For the growing number of us who are dealing with stress but are not affected by severe stress-related conditions, this represents the commitment to transforming your life. A life free of harmful stress and filled with joy is your birthright, and it is this very realization, combined with your persistence, that fuels your progress.

For those who are dealing with severe stress-related conditions, the notions of hope and commitment include the knowledge that freedom from your condition, and the ability to live fully and with wellness, is within reach. There were many times during my recovery from my breakdown when I found it almost impossible to believe that I would ever be myself again, that I would ever be happy again. The doctors told me I would never be the same, that I would be dependent on medication for the rest of my life, and that I would eventually relapse. No one around me had answers to what had happened to me or what my future would hold in terms of my mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Everything that I did hear was negative. I felt ashamed. I felt like a failure to myself and my loved ones. I felt alone.

Through all the ups and downs, I refused to let go of the final ounce of hope within me. Despite the discouragement, doubt, and fear, I held onto the flame of hope deep within—the hope that knew there was a chance, that knew it was possible for me to recover and live the life I wanted to live. If I had given up, I never would have beaten stress and freed myself from my condition. Although there were times when all seemed hopeless, I continued with my journey and held onto whatever hope I could find.

No matter where you are, never abandon your flame of hope. Don’t give up. As long as you have a desire to live fully and to be free of stress, you have all the power you need. The tools for this transformation are available. In my case, the nine natural steps enabled me to break free of the accumulated stress that led to my nervous breakdown and the resulting stress of living with a severe mind condition. They enabled me to live with contentment and love for life.

Remember, change takes time. Breaking habits and forming new ones is not easy, and we all stumble as we begin the process of change. Take on only as much as you can handle, and don’t get discouraged if you experience setbacks. If you decide to take up any of the steps that I have briefly outlined in these posts, you may want to choose only two steps to focus on in the beginning—such as Exercise and Nutrition—and as you become adept at integrating these steps into your life, you can move on to a third and fourth. Continue to challenge yourself as your sense of well-being and health improve and your love of life and present-moment awareness develop. You will eventually sense that you are beginning to truly establish a new way of life. You will feel it.

If you decide to take on the nine natural steps as your approach to achieving wellness in your life, I recommend gradually building your practice of the steps until you are implementing all steps for a sustained period of time (thirty days or longer) without interruption. You can then tailor the program, especially the four practical steps, to meet your own personal needs.

We need a sense of hope that we can learn to master stress in our lives and overcome any stress related conditions. We must push ourselves to take the first steps. Like a child learning to walk, each of us must continue on our journey despite falling over many times, in the knowledge that we are moving in the right direction and that one day we will walk with ease. It is important that we commit to nurturing our well-being and loving ourselves enough to make our own welfare and health the priority of our lives. We can then enjoy what life truly has to offer. In doing so, we will have something of real value to share with our loved ones and the world at large.

We all fall down, and we all face challenges every day. That is life. The courage is in trying. You are not alone. Nurture your flame of hope; don’t give up.

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