LifeREstyle Redondo Beach

LifeREstyle Redondo Beach is a men’s extended term structured sober living and wellness program, with special consideration taken for mental health, and drug/alcohol recovery. We not only encourage the traditional 12-step program, but also integrate our unique, and proven LifeREstyle Program.

LifeREstyle Program

The LifeREstyle Program is a proven solution which Paul Huljich developed as he cured himself from bipolar disorder 1, and addictions. It has helped many people improve and overcome a spectrum of health-related issues, including addictions, anxiety, depression, weight issues, sleeping disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Sober living recovery


  • After living in several sober livings in the past few years, LifeReStyle came as a complete breath of fresh air, with the emphasis on fresh. As in fresh meals daily, a fresh attitude towards the residents and a fresh approach to overcoming our addictions. LifeReStyle allowed me to treat all of me, not just focusing on physical sobriety. I learned how nutrition, sleep, exercise, and attitude had a direct affect on my alcoholism, and I was shown a way of living that provided almost immediate results. Rather than doing chores and writing assignments all day long you can expect to take long walks on the beach, go to movies, play sports, and otherwise learn to enjoy life again. The staff is receptive rather than controlling and although there is a certain amount of structure to the program, the people who work there are always willing to take individual issues into consideration and make allowances where appropriate. I can’t say enough about this program, it worked wonders for me!

    Ken R. LifeReStyle Graduate

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