LifeREstyle Redondo Beach

LifeREstyle Redondo Beach is a wellness recovery retreat addressing the crucial need for a residential program that holistically responds to mental health challenges. Our retreat is inspired by the unique and proven LifeREstyle Program.

The LifeREstyle Program

The LifeREstyle Program is a proven solution developed by stress expert Paul Huljich as he cured himself of bipolar disorder (BP-I). It has unlocked healing and empowerment for people with health-related conditions as diverse as addictions, anxiety, depression, weight issues, sleeping disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

Sober living recovery


  • Tyson was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when he was 23, struggling with mania and depression for over a decade. The LifeREstyle program gave him the tools he needed to take control of his life – inspiring him to go back to school so he can share his health journey with others.


    Tyson Radtke
    Tyson Radtke LifeREstyle Participant
  • Michael was a long-time Bipolar Disorder 1 and Schizoaffective Disorder sufferer, in a never-ending cycle with medications that caused him to put on a significant amount of weight. When Michael discovered the LifeREstyle program, it changed his life. Read his story here.

    Michael Dawson
    Michael Dawson LifeReStyle Graduate
  • Before signing up for the LifeREstyle program, Will’s life was in a state of flux. He was unable to recognise what was making him think and feel the way he was. The program helped him internalize critically important life lessons about exercise, diet and sleep patterns.

    Will LifeREstyle Participant
  • Ken describes the LifeREstyle program as fresh – a fresh approach, fresh meals and fresh attitudes towards our residents. The approach to his alcoholism recovery was focused on all of him, not just his physical sobriety. Read more about his story here.

    Ken R.
    Ken R. LifeREstyle Participant

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